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Give flexibility and inspiration to your working experience

Welcome to the

Future of Work!

OFFEAZE helps every professional find the best working environment for them. Whether it is a desk in a coworking space or a meeting room for the team, you will find every solution on our platform!

Our Mission

OFFEAZE aims to transform the relationship professionals have with their office experience. From day one, it was essential for us to design a solution for everybody. This means that freelancers, startupers or large corporate employees will find the most convenient workspace based on their true need on our platform.

Access the best locations 

We curate top-notch spaces for your needs

Attract the best talent!

Remote work will stay post covid and employees will select companies that empower them

No more long term commitments

No more long term leases or building management fees

Ramp up productivity!

Reduce commuting time and have a better work-life balance

Scale based on your needs

Evaluate and adjust your real estate strategy in real time

Get reports & data

Track your utilization and make informed decisions based on valuable insights

Multiple Options -

Vast network of flexible spaces


Instant booking for short term needs 


Dashboard to track large set of performance metrics


One monthly bill

Future of Work will be


Work from Anywhere (WFA) is the new normal



This new paradigm is shifting the mindset around work and will allow professionals to deliver great results in a way that's convenient for them.

Technology lies at the heart of the future of work and more companies will incorporate digital workers into their workforce

Discover our
inclusive ecosystem

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